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Our story


nce upon a time,  there was a little girl who lived in Germany whose brother fondly called her Nini and a little girl who lived in Ohio whose parents affectionately called her Pumpkin.

Both of the girls loved to make and create things. Nini's favorite treasure was her Oma's sewing box. The multitude of colorful fabric scraps, yarns, and the many button shapes provided an endless source of inspiration. Pumpkin's most cherished possessions were her mother's knitting basket and her Easy Bake Oven.

On days when they were not busy with school or other activities Nini was often designing and making clothes for her dolls, while Pumpkin spent hours creating patterns and stitches to knit into sweaters for her dog. As the moon rose each night, both Nini and Pumpkin dreamt of someday working in the world of fashion.

These childhood dreams continued to grow and eventually carried both of the girls off to New York City -  the place where Nicki and Pamela embarked on their colorful careers in fashion.

Nicki pursued her passion for design working with renowned fashion designers including Cynthia Rowley and Rebecca Danenberg. Meanwhile, Pamela successfully refined her skills in product development working for Macy's and Tommy Hilfiger. As time went on, life would carry the two aspiring young women west to California where they both worked for Gap Inc.

Some years later in a sunny west coast town, the stars aligned and Nicki and Pamela finally crossed paths. This dynamic duo came together as a team of one mind, and instinctively blended their passions and creativity. They designed and produced bestselling products over and over again when someone close to them pointed out what a great team they made and suggested they build their own company.

Welcome to Nini & Pumpkin. Our first product is the moon cocoon, a warm and wearable duvet creating an environment where dreams begin. 



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