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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wearable duvet?

A wearable duvet, also called a baby sleep sack is to be used in place of loose blankets in the crib. A wearable duvet will help your baby stay warm throughout the night without any blankets that could be kicked off. It is intended to be worn over regular sleepwear.


Is a wearable duvet or baby sleep sack safe?

Yes, the American Academy of pediatrics recommends their use. When used alone and without any other objects in the crib, a wearable duvet reduces the risk that a baby could become tangled up in any lose bedding. 


Does the moon cocoon comply with the requirements of the Consumer Safety Products Act?

Yes, testing has been done by an independent laboratory in compliance with the requirements mandated by the CPSC Standard for flammability of Clothing and Textliles under the Flammable Fabrics Act. 


Is the moon cocoon chemically treated with flame retardants?

No, we do not add any chemical flame retardants to our fabrics or any other components.


What makes the moon cocoon superior to similar products on the market?

Our patent pending unique design allows for use over a longer period of time and offers versatility that others do not. Most other brands will suit your needs for approx three to six months while ours will evolve with your child's needs for many years.

Our moon cocoon offers the convenience of switching out the top portion for quick and continued use if your child spits up or has a runny nose, or the top is soiled in any way.

We use only premium quality quality components meant to last and improve over time.

    • Our fill has been specially designed to be breathable, water resistant, lightweight and warm. Understanding most households are kept between 65 and 72 degrees we have selected a tog value that will provide optimum warmth in these temperatures. This allows the moon cocoon to be used all year. This same fill can also be found in high performance outerwear and luxury down alternative bedding.
    • Our fabric is a very fine count of 100% cotton with a super soft finish that gets softer with every wash.
    • Our snaps were specifically designed for use in baby clothing. They do not have sharp edges like metal snaps sometimes have and are free of any harmful chemicals. They carry the Oeko-Tex® certification. 
    • Our zippers are also tested for safety and free of harmful chemicals


Does my baby need to wear anything under the moon cocoon?

Yes, the moon cocoon is intended to be worn over regular sleep wear. 


Is a wearable duvet only needed in the winter time?

No, our moon cocoon is intended for use all year if your home is kept between 65 and 72 degrees at the times your baby is sleeping.


What is a TOG rating?

TOG is a measurement of thermal insulation. The rating refers to thermal performance. The higher the TOG rating the more insulation or warmth provided.


Where is the moon cocoon made?

The moon cocoon is made in San Francisco, California, USA.


Orders, returns, and shipping questions?

see shipping & returns for information on these topics



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