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Sleep Experts

Katie M. Kovaleski, certified sleep consultant Family Sleep Institute (FSI)

Holds a Masters’ degrees in Marriage and Family and Individual Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Focused on working extensively with children, it is in this niche we have repeatedly witnessed the far reaching issues lack of sleep will create for children and their families. 

Technology has allowed sleep consultants to work with families around the world with ease and convenience. For the benefit of our clients and their varied home and work schedules, Anytime Sleep Consulting offers in-person, email, Skype and phone sleep consulting packages that allow us to work in any time zone.

Carolina Romanyuk, Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Carolina, a wife and mom of two yummy boys in New York City, helps families suffering from sleep deprivation by providing easy-to-follow and proven solutions backed by science. 

What motivates Carolina to do what she does is simple... she wants to help families get the sleep they need and all of her plans create solid guidelines that establishes a child’s sleep foundation, which is a key to sleep success. Carolina understands that when your child hits a new developmental milestone or a change in their life’s dynamic, like a new sibling or starting school, it can throw their sleep schedules out of whack. But with Carolina's sleep program - the sleep trifecta : 3 steps to sleep success, you'll have a solid sleep foundation, and with small adjustments your child will be back on track with sweet dreams for all.

Susie Parker, Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Sleep-deprived mom, turned Chicago sleep consultant. Certified through the Family Sleep Institute, I am trained to help families struggling with various sleep issues of children age 0-5, regardless of their parenting styles. I am extremely excited to share my passion and knowledge to support each family individually. I want to provide everyone the gift of a well-rested child and nothing makes me happier than seeing a great plan put into action. With a solid sleep training plan and a great support system, I have no doubt that you too can add a little Sleep Baby Love into your life.

I live in Chicago’s North Shore but am happy to work with anyone throughout the world!

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